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Bigduke forgot his password and login for the website (go figure) and has submitted this post for me to put up.  I have to admit, reluctantly, that it’s pretty well put together.  There’s some “smart” to this smart ass after all!  Well, here goes…

I decided to write a post about a topic, and a phrase that upsets me the most…”Just wipe it”. I know that failing during raid encounters will help people learn from their mistakes, but failing for hours on the same boss fights will slowly kill morale.

When morale has been destroyed, several different things start to happen

  • Pug’s start ninja logging
  • People try to find the person they can blame for the wipe’s
  • People may blame their computers
  • Opaug frequently goes afk to look up the best zerging strategy (or pass out from intoxation)

The best way to counter morale killing is to go into the raid with an understanding of the fights, so you aren’t “that guy” holding everyone back. There is also many cheap ways to make your character perform their roles better. For the most part, the majority of raiders that I run into are aware if the items that I have listed below. <One Knight Stand> is a casual raiding guild that occasionally kills shit :). Before the raid invites start going out on our raiding nights, take some time to think about what else you can do to help benefit yourself and the raid.

  • Buy a damn flask. 1000 int, agi, str, and spirit(1500 stam) is a major boost and is mandatory for raiding
  • Use potions. Pop one right before the pull, and hit one during the fight. If everyone in the raid group did this on every boss fight, the raid group as a whole would gain a 40,000 major stat bonus for 50 seconds. It is a major dps boost, especially if macro’d with your cooldowns or during timewarp/hero.
  • Contribute feasts or food items to make them. A 2750+ stat bonus spread out between a 10 man raid team is significant and cannot be ignored.
  • Enchant your gear! I’am not asking you go out and buy the top end weapon and bracer enchants, but you should at least have windsong/colossus on your weapon, and +170 stat on your bracers
  • Gem your gear properly. If you have questions on how this should be done, ask in guild chat, or pst Opaug or Bigdukesix.
  • Reforge your gear every time you get an upgrade. Everyone has theories on reforging, but making sure your are capped on hit ( and expertise if melee or huntard) will dramatically increase your dps.
  • Upgrade your gear. At this point in the expansion, everyone’s main raiding character should not have an item that is under ilvl 471. Upgrading a heroic ilvl 463 item costs 1500 justice points, but the stat gain from upgrading these last blue items you have will increase your overall performance(A little bit of something is a whole lot better than a lot of nothing). If you are into pvp’n and have a surplus of honor points just laying around, it is still possible to trade them in for justice points at the old cata gear vender in Stormwind.
  • Run LFR weekly, or at least the 2nd half of heart of fear, and terrace. The tier set bonus brings a nice boost to dps. The sha touched weapons with the legendary gem are nice to wield, and bosses hate it when you hit them with it.
  • Use DBM. Turn up your game sound and listen for the noise that means “You are affected with something!, get away from everyone fast!. I know I once wiped a group because I was too focused on my uber complex feral kitty dps rotation, and I failed to move out of the group.

If everyone in the <One Knight Stand> 10 man team were to bring their A game, I believe we would be capable of being a top 10 guild on the server. Even though we are no wheres near being a top 10 guild on the server, I could argue for days that <One Knight Stand> is the #1 casual raiding guild on the server that occasionally kills shit!

Preparing for Patch 5.2

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I wanted to put up a quick post about preparing for the upcoming patch, which is anticipated to be coming out within the next couple weeks, and what our raiding schedule will look like until then and after.

First, with the introduction of two factions to gain rep with, I suggest saving you Valor Points for the necklaces and rings (522 item level).  They both cost 1250 valor points.  The necklace can be purchased with neutral rep and ring at friendly.  The faction rep will be gained through the new raid, Throne of Thunder.  If you are already near the valor cap of 3k, I highly suggest you use 750 Valor Points on 496 gear, perhaps the trinket you get from Shieldwall Operation Quartermaster.  Trinkets are typically hard to replace.  I’m using my valor to upgrade my 496 Tier Pants.

As for our raiding schedule, one thing I should note is the current raids will be nerfed with the upcoming patch.  I want to use at least one night a week of working on that content, for a variety of reasons.  Some of us have alts that we may use for certain situations in our progression raiding.  It will also give us a chance to get some of the 496 epic patterns, blood spirits and crystals from disenchanting and some upgrades.  Once we clear MV10, I actually wouldn’t be opposed to doing some of the hard modes for the 503 item level gear.  We are currently recruiting Discipline Priest, Holy Paladin, and all exceptional dps – preferred ranged.  Obviously we’ll take anyone who is a good player and doesn’t mind wiping on bosses because of my drunken slip ups.  As for the raid schedule, we should set aside at least one night of the new raid.  Even if we aren’t quite prepared for the first boss, it will be good to gain rep from trash pulls.  I’m not sure if there will be trash epics or patterns, I haven’t read about it yet.  We’ll still continue to work on MV10 and Heart of Fire.  I’d like to dedicate one night to each of those raids.  If we are clearing MV10 on a regular basis, we can either work on the hard modes or move onto Terrace. 

If you are reading this and are not a member of our guild yet, our guild raids on a two week schedule as some of our jobs restrict us to this.  We will raid at either 10pm or 11pm server Eastern Time Zone.  Our raid rotation is Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday.  We will never reach world first status or server first.  We are very laid back and casual.  I will never call someone out in a raid and I’m typically even keeled.  Our core members have raided for a very long time and feel the same way about raiding.  We raid to have fun and goof around a little bit.  If we kill some bosses, even better.  Drinking during the raids is not only permitted, it’s encouraged!  We have some moderate success, especially this expansion considering we just got back into raiding.


Thanks for reading!

Back in Black!

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Hey folks,

We’re back in business and we’ll be raiding on a more regular basis come January 19.  We’re actively recruiting right now and filling roles for our core raid team.  I’ll be updating this blog more frequently and we also have another website to check out as well;

Thanks for stopping!


Spring Cleaning + Summer Vacation

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Well, as many of you have noticed, we are on a little bit of a raiding break at the moment. I can attribute the break to a few things. We have had an abundance of turnover recently and it’s been hard keeping a set raid team together. On top of that, we’re having to pug in players that haven’t had much raid experience. I’ll be honest, it’s been really taxing on me as I’ve been forced to explain fights over and over and over.

I know that warm weather typically keeps people away from their computers (which is a good thing). The summer is pretty busy for me as well, so I won’t be online much.

I’ve decided to do some roster changing, removing characters that haven’t logged on for a few weeks. If you find yourself removed from the guild because of inactivity, feel free to send me a message and I’ll toss you a guild re-invite. Until we start raiding heavily again, I wish you all an awesome summer!

Raid Scheduling Issues

Posted in Guild Relations, Raid Talk on March 8, 2011 by disorientguy

After speaking with several people in the guild, it appears that the later raid schedule isn’t working out for our core raiders. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy that the players I’d been inviting to raids the past few weeks all of a sudden saved their mains to the earlier raid. Actually, I was pretty pissed off at first. If I had known that was the intent of the earlier raid, I would have planned the week accordingly. I’ve always scheduled late raids, because I like to read to my kids before they go to bed. I know a lot of us in the guild have young children. With that in mind, I also understand that children wake up early in the morning, so I’m looking at making a compromise. We have a few options that I want everyone to vote which one is in their best interest…

What sounds best to you?

Burning Crusade had it right.

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Nearly three months into Cataclysm has given me enough time to reflect on how I feel about the newest expansion. It’s still too early to give total judgement, but I do have a few opinions on some of the changes.

Guild Relations: Now, I have mixed emotions when it comes to the overhaul done to the guild mechanics in Cataclysm. The changes are exciting and I really enjoy getting new perks with each level. But… I can’t help but feel the LFD tool has diminished guild relations a little. I know, I know; LFD was introduced in Wrath. As amazing as it has been for those that have a hard time getting groups together and don’t have a lot of spare time to pug around, I wish there were more incentive for running a dungeon with guildmates or even those on your server.

For instance, the queue time for one dps is the same as if you pulled two more dps into your group. Honestly, you should go straight to the front of the queue if you are completing the majority of the group composition. I remember meeting so many new people while running dungeons back before the LFD bomb was let off. If I enjoyed their company, or if they kicked ass and I wanted to get carried by them, I’d put them on my friends list. If Blizzard some how manages to allow cross server friend’s lists, I might feel a little different about it. It would be nice to be able to group with some of those you meet in the random, if you wanted to at another time.

Heroics: I’ll admit it, they did a better job this time around than in Wrath. Althoug I’m finding the dungeons easier and easier with better gear and experience. I no longer depend on CC in my runs, and I’m still finding success. What I really liked about Burning Crusade was having to become Revered with a faction to purchase the Heroic Key in that area’s dungeons. It basically forced you to grind the higher dungeons for reputation, which in turn helped you gear up. Heroics really did feel heroic. Blizzard did okay with the gear item level minimum, but personally I don’t think it’s enough.

Raids: I can’t give a complete opinion of Cataclysm raids, as I’ve only seen four bosses. I will say this however, I’m impressed with the design of the encounters and the beauty in the landscape. Blackrock Depths has a special place in my heart, as does Blackwing Lair. So you can imagine how I felt when I entered Blackwing Descent. The Bastion of Twilight is pretty niftly looking too.

And again, I wish they would just go back to the format they used in Burning Crusade. I thought it was genious when they had 10 man raids and 25 man raids, and they were completely different. The variety was awesome. The guild I was in during BC, they had two relatively strong raid teams. We would run Karazhan and Zul Amen. Then every Sunday we’d get our two teams together and plug away at Gruuls Lair, SSC, and Tempest Keep. I just enjoyed the seperation, and the combination.

I’m not sure how many of you were around back during the Burning Crusade, but I’d like to hear your opinions.

We’re Ranked!!

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Undermine Guild Progress as of January 20, 2010.

Well, has been updated and we made the list! We took a pretty good shot at Omnitron Tuesday night and I’m feeling really confident of our chances this weekend. There are going to be a few changes regarding raid scheduling that I will discuss in the very near future. I’ve been going back and forth on different ideas, wanting to get more members involved. I’ve noticed some disgruntled people that are feeling a bit left out. I understand that and I’m working diligently on getting something worked out to make everyone happy. It’s a work in progress, so bear with me.

We are still in the infant stages of Cataclysm raiding. I want everyone to understand that. We need to keep a consistant team if we are going to progress anywhere. Everyone will benefit from the guild successes, as the core team will be able to pass along our strategies. Having the gear upgrades is helpful as well.

On another note, I’m extremely happy with our progress. It seems we have a great core team developing and some other raiders as well. I’m looking forward to when we can jump into two successful 10 man teams, or even a few 25 man raid bosses.


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